The Rolling Greens is being developed on 16 Acres of pristine farmland. The development would be a gated community, managed farmland project.

As a managed farmland each plot is demarcated using timber trees and hedges. Since water is available in plenty the choice of crops would be a combination of seasonal vegetables and fruits on rotation. Since the development is entirely organic we would not use pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

The Lounge area, outdoor infinity pool, and an Organic Multicuisine Restaurant will be functional for customers by June 2022

The expected maintenance fee would be as low as 50 paisa per sqft per month

Our partners GWC are one of the world’s best ground water solution providers, who makes use of technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data to improve the level of ground water for self-sustainable communities. They guarantee a 20-year uninterrupted water supply.

No additional fees for using the facilities.

Yes there is good coverage to work from the farm.

Initially your plot would receive 3 phase power twice a day for 2 hours each to water the plants. Once a house is constructed it will receive regular power.

You could start your construction once the registration process is completed. We offer assistance for construction.

The security measures provided include the latest CCTV cameras, High compound walls, Security Guards 24/7