Here’s why Billionaires like Bill Gates and Thomas Peterffy are investing in Farmland.

Here's why billionaires like Bill Gates and Thomas Peterffy are investing in Farmland.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and Thomas Peterffy have become prominent voices in the fight against climate change in recent years. In fact, his most recent book addresses how to avoid environmental disasters. This publication includes a roadmap for reducing CO₂ emissions and the technological advances that will be needed in the process to curb global warming.

That is why the billionaires have invested in numerous projects to improve environmental conditions and find solutions. His latest idea has been to acquire up to 98,000 hectares in more than 12 states with his wife, Melinda.

Environmental and sustainable investments by Wealthy families

Wealthy families are also increasingly interested in environmental and sustainable investments. The decrease in arable land on the planet and the growing global demand for food have led a group of wealthy people to invest in agricultural land.

People have to eat, and what we believe about the intrinsic nature of these assets is that they have real value and will p

The project seeks the profitability of vast areas of forest in India by people with a net worth of at least one hundred million dollars and a minimum of ten million dollars to invest. In parallel, it aims for everyone to protect these flora and fauna reserves.

And for this, these executives who once worked in Indian offices have to put on good boots and campaign clothes to visit and show their customers the product offered to them.

These visits to the field have a transformative impact in multiple ways when they can really see it, feel it, touch it, and occasionally smell it in the subject of Farmland.

Experts in India

Across the country, India has many offices with specialists on the ground dedicated to showing vast tracts of land to clients who are willing to bet long-term. All have an average of more than 15 years of experience in the sector. The exciting thing is that, after a long career in the world of finance, billionaires like Bill Gates and Thomas Peterffy have decided to return to the field where they were born and where their parents and grandparents spent their entire lives.

Among these are many Indian billionaires who now organizes visits and promotes sales to investors interested in forest land, farms, ranches, energy interests or real estate.

The market calls it ‘alternative investments’ in the long term, capable of diversifying portfolios mainly composed of stocks and bonds and protecting against eventual inflation.

Assets produce income in logs, crops, livestock, or oil and gas, but buyers have to be comfortable with a multi-year time and profit horizon. Logging farm could yield direct sales or take years to reap, relying on the maturity of the tree and market necessities. But it can also take decades if you begin from the root.

This is not like stocks and bonds. It is not something that you buy on Monday and sell on Wednesday. If the buyer does not arrive with an investment horizon of at least ten years, this investment does not suit him.

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